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Preventive Dental Care

Avoid costly dental problems and procedures when you come to Dr. Steven H. Kaim in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, for preventive dental care. From cleanings to fillings, we do it all in one convenient location.
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Preventive Cleanings

The most important thing you can do to protect your mouth is to get your teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Dr. Steven H. Kaim is equipped with the best in cleaning technology to keep your teeth cleaned properly. At most offices you see a hygienist and sometimes a different hygienist every time you go. We do it differently. Dr. Kaim actually cleans your teeth himself.


Without regular dental care, your teeth can decay. Tooth-colored (white) fillings do just as the name suggests—they're usually bonded to teeth to fill in decay and prevent further issues down the road. You may already have older silver colored fillings in your own mouth known as amalgams. As amalgams get older, they tend to discolor and are not very attractive. For your convenience, we can replace silver-colored (amalgam) fillings with white fillings, which look much nicer.


Sometimes teeth can not be saved and must be extracted. Dr Steven H. Kaim can extract teeth using local anesthesia. For more complicated cases, or for those people who prefer to be put to sleep, we can refer you to one of several reputable oral surgeons.
Contact us to keep your smile looking perfect and healthy with our preventive dental care procedures.